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Vincent Hourdin's Web page

I have my PhD degree, since July 21, 2010. I have been working as a research engineer / postdoc, still in the Rainbow team, in the Ubiquarium laboratory, until February of 2012. I am now a research engineer in the OPTIS company.

I was a PhD student:
- from 10/2006 to 08/2007, CIFRE funding with the Preceptel company (telecom).
- from 02/2008 to 03/2010, CIFRE funding with the Mobilegov company (security).

You can still contact me here: hourdin #a polytech(.)unice.fr

Research area

My research area is wide, due to the change of PhD subject in the middle. The big keyword is ubiquitous computing. More precisely, my works are related to Web service for device composition using lightweight component assemblies (the SLCA model, implemented by WComp), context-aware computing and dynamic adaptation, context-sensitivity in service for device discovery, security of services for devices, the relation between context and security in ubiquitous computing.

PhD topic


Full up to date publication list is here.