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Softwares registred at APP

To know more about the french agency for software protection, you can follow th link to the website of the "Agence pour la Protection des Logiciel" - APP

  • Noah.Net (papers : M. Blay-Fornarino, A. Charfi, D. Emsellem, A-M. Pinna-Déry, M. Riveill. “Software interaction” in Journal of Object Technology (ETH Zurich), 3 (10), pages 161–180, 2004)
  • Ubiquarium (papers : Vincent Hourdin, Daniel Cheung-Foo-Wo, Stéphane Lavirotte et Jean-Yves Tigli. « Ubiquarium Informatique: Une plate-forme pour l'étude des équipements informatiques mobiles en environnement simulé ». 3ème Journées Francophones Mobilité et Ubiquité (UbiMob), Paris, septembre 2006.

Softwares and Tools

  • OntoCompo is a framework of application composition, the prototype used in Christian Brel's PhD for user evaluation. The originality of this work is to link 3 models used to describe an application: the UI model, the Task model and the Component (Assembly) model. In OntoCompo, the three models are no more independently considered left. The result is to enhance the application composition. The following video illustrate this work : Video on OntoCompo - 27 Mo - 720p - composition scenario : movie theaters + maps