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 +===== MetroSec =====
 +date: 2004-2007 \\
 +type: ACI security \\
 +[[http://​spiderman-2.laas.fr/​METROSEC/​|ACI Metrosec]]
 +==== description of MetroSec ====
 +This work has been done
 +in the context of the METROSEC project. The aim of this project was to design mechanisms
 +that jointly provide guaranteed QoS and security despite of ruptures in the traffic due to denial of
 +service attacks. In this context, metrology and signal processing based mechanisms have been
 +proposed to identify the nature of a given rupture particularly those due detect denial of service
 +attacks. As detecting these kinds attacks is not sufficient to maintain a high enough QoS, it was
 +necessary to identify and eliminate the constitutive packets of an attack. ​
 +==== Rainbow in MetroSec====
 +In this context, our role
 +in the project was to propose a solution to identify the source of attack, more specifically the real
 +source of packets responsible of denial of service attacks in order to eliminate them.
 +"​Collaborative backtracking of fault packets in autonomous systems"​
 +==== Rainbow Publications through MetroSec====